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Pakistan Grappling Challenge 2015

February 7, 2015 @ 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm


This is the second grappling event in the Pakistan Grappling Challenge series which was initiated in early 2014 through the generous funds fromGracie Barra Glasgow Scotland, BSkyB Livingston, Glasgow Kickboxingand Fighters Hive Gym along with many other friends and associates.

There will be 32 participants selected from all the gyms in Pakistan based on their ranking in their respective gyms. There will initially be two separate divisions consisting of 16 guys each where the divisions will be separated by under 70 and 70 plus kg.

The venue will be the prestigious Synergy gym which is home to internationally recognised fighters Bashir Ahmad and Waqar Omar along with high level team Nogueira purple belt Jazzy Rashid. Aside from the tournament, there will be an open challenge to anyone from the Pakistani martial arts world to test their grappling skills against team Nog purple belt Jazzy Rashid. If you want to compete, first speak to your head coach and then get them to private message your details (eg Name, Gym and weight) to me, Bashir or Jazzy through Facebook.


The winners from each division will face off to decide the Pakistan Grappling Champ and winner of 20,000 rupees. The runner up gets 10,000 rupees. The losing finalists from each division will face of for the third place prize of 5000 rupees. Medals are up for grabs for both divisions along with a Pakistan Grappling Championship belt for the eventual winner. 

The entry funds generated from the gi division will be put towards the tragedy of 16th December.


All the selected and invited participant’s gym will be required to pay an entry fee of 5000 rupees (the fee payment only applies once for a given gym even if multiple representatives are competing) for the tournament which will go towards the prize money. The cost of spectators will be 100 rupees standing and 250 rupees sitting.

Illegal Moves

1. No groin cranks.
2. All takedowns are allowed, for example, double and single legs along with judo throws.
3. No striking.
4. No running off the mats.
5. Trimmed nails.
6. Rash gaurd, t shirt or topless along with shorts.
7. No abusive language towards the event staff will be tolerated.
8. You are not allowed to pick up and slam when your in someone’s gaurd or stuck in a submission, eg triangle or armbar.
9. No eye gauging.
10. No spitting.
11. Only one corner man for each grappler.
12. Straight ankle lock is allowed otherwise leg locks are illegal.
13. No groin cups.
If any of these rules are broken multiple times then your disqualified, for example, first time you will be given the benefit of the doubt and beyond that you will be disqualified.



February 7, 2015
12:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Synergy MMA Academy
163 H Block, DHA Phase 1
Lahore, Pakistan