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Trials and Match Up coming up Sunday February 21st

Posted on: February 15th, 2010 by admin 3 Comments

On Sunday February 28th at 10 am Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan in conjunction with Lahore’s top Martial Arts instructors will be hosting trials at Whites Sport Club (also known as Whites Cricket Club) in Model Town between E and F block. Exact directions will be posted in 2 days but any one who can get to F block Model Town can find out where it is by asking. More information will be relayed on this website and on the facebook fan page.

The purpose of this is to check out local talent and to match them up with even opponents of the same weight to make sure that everyone gets an entertaining day of fights and to ensure the safety of the fighters, which is of paramount concern.

The name of the event is Pakistan Warrior Challenge I. More events are to follow and will try to be held in various parts of the country.

For those who would like to participate in the event please email

Trip to Lahore Akhara (with video)

Posted on: December 25th, 2009 by admin 4 Comments

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan visited the famous Akharas of Lahore in a Fite Selektor recruitment drive. The Pehlwans of Pakistan hold great promise as International Champions of MMA with education regarding the sport and cross training in other arts to round out their own existing ones. They are also in great shape and great care is taken to regiment their training and diets. They train twice a day and eat up to 500 rs worth of food daily to maintain their strength.

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan got the chance to visit the home of Bashir Bohla Bhala on the back side of Lahore Fort, Bhamma Pehlwans Akhara, the largest Akhara of the area. For those who follow the local wrestling scene Bashir Bhola Bhala is currently at the top of the food chain throughout Pakistan having recently won another Championship. The Akhara houses about 2 dozen wrestlers and training sessions are watched by a number of former wrestlers who comment and advise throughout training.

Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan discussed MMA competition with the Ustads (teachers) and athletes of the Akhara. Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan looks forward to further working with the wrestlers of Pakistan to strengthen our traditional sports and to provide fame for Pakistan through international MMA competition.

Please watch the video below for some footage of our trip to the Akhara and don’t forget to spread the word and sign up for Fite Selektor. Keep yourself posted for more updates regarding Mixed Martial Arts in Pakistan.


Posted on: October 26th, 2009 by admin 7 Comments

Sometimes known as Indian Wrestling or Pehlwani this form of wrestling dates from the 5th century B.C. Although indigenous to South Asia this form of grappling is thought to be originally influenced by Persian wrestling styles. In Pakistan, Kushti teachers are known as Ustads and in India (specifically amongst the Hindus) they are known as Guru’s.

The focus of Kushti as is common in other forms of wrestling is to pin both of your opponents shoulders to the ground. In practical terms, this pinning of your opponent exhibits positional dominance. So if one were to view Kushti training in terms of self defense or MMA competition, Kushti teaches the player take away your opponents striking weapons by closing the distance and bring him to the ground where he can be helplessly pinned and vulnerable to strikes from a dominant top position whereupon the only option for the pinned opponent is to escape from the bottom or be knocked unconscious.

Strength exercises are very important in Kushti. traditional exercises involve the use of large stones stone rings and clubs known as “joris.” Body weight exercises are also commonly used the two most important being the push up and the squat known as the Dand and Baitak respectively. These two exercises are done for hundreds of repetitions and form the foundation of the Kushti wrestlers training regime. Another popular strength building exercise is rope climbing which is essential in building the pulling strength required in Kushti wrestling.

Here is a short video showing some of the particular training methods to Kushti wrestling.

The training area in kushti is known as an Akhara and training sessions in traditional camps are typically 4-6 hours per day. Traditional wrestlers typically live and eat at the camp. A very strict diet is emphasized with certain foods being encouraged for their strength building properties, namely, milk, almonds and ghee. Spiced food as well as tobacco and alcohol is highly discouraged.

Kushti wrestlers have had a history of success competing in the Olympics and and in commercial bouts in the west. Many modern wrestling experts inclduing the renowned Karl Gotch have traveled to South Asia to learn Kushti techniques and train methods. Indeed many modern forms of wrestling such as shoot fighting and catch wrestling borrow throws and submissions from Kushti.

Here is a video with Kushti in action. As is common the use of a dhol (south asian drum) accompaniment is used similar to the use of music during Muay Thai bouts.

Here is another short documentary about life in a Kushti camp. Other than Muay Thai, Kushti is the only martial art with extremely rigorous workloads and gritty surroundings where fighters lives revolve around their sport.

And to finish off with on a lighter note, a somewhat humorous video of a Englishman in Lahore trying out Kushti.