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Shah “No Pain” Hussain to be fighting September 11th in the UK

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MMA Pakistan recently caught up with PAK MMA fighter Shah “No Pain” Hussain while training for his upcoming match up in England on the 11th of September. Although Shah was very busy he did have time to give us a few answers to our questions.

1. Your fight is going to be during Ramadan. How has that effected your training?

a) Yes my fight is not just going to be in ramadhan, but in the UK may fall on Eid day itself!! I kind of misjudged the timing of Ramadhan this year round and normally refrain from any kind of competition around this time of the year. But with the fight being on Sept 11th I have had to observe ramadhan on a part time basis. So training hasnt really been affected at all really.

2. Do you know who your opponent is? Anything you can tell us about him?

a) Yes my opponent is a guy called Ben Abbot who is fighting out of Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. I believe he has a stand up background in Muay Thai, thats all I know to be honest.

3. Have you made any changes to your training regimen for this upcoming bout?

a) I have seriously been working on my ground game, my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu both with Gi and without. Ive been training my no Gi BJJ with Przemyslaw Mysiala who is no1 ranked Light Heavy Weight in the UK at the moment at London Shootfighters and Im really enjoying the grappling element of MMA at the moment. Im even considering competing in some BJJ bouts in the near future!
Other than that Ive still been keeping up with my strength and conditioning, cardio and sparring with my team mates Denniston ‘mad max’ Sutherland and my coach David Lee. As its MMA and everything has to be worked on Im afraid!!

4. You will be donating 100% of your fight purse to the Pakistani flood victims, what motivated you to make such a sacrifice?

a) I decided to donate all my fight purse, ticket commission, sponsership money etc to the flood victims of Pakistan as firstly being Pakistani I felt a need to naturally do something, and it just broke my heart seeing pictures and videos on the News every day of the devastation caused by the monsoon, the death toll and on top of that it is the month of Ramadhan and for people going through all the suffering. Its just horrible to think that the world isnt doing enough for these people in desperate need at this moment in time. My prayers and thoughts go to all those affected and involved. God is great and I hope he shows mercy upon those affected. On Sept 11th I shall be fighting for all those victims.

5. Will Pakistani fans be able to watch the fight anyway?

Yes Pakistani fans will be able to watch the fight on under the fighting section it will be broadcasted usually a couple of weeks after the show on Sky digital channel 281 (The active channel) formerly known as LA Muscle TV

I am also fighting on the 25th of September on a big show called BAMMA 4 which will highlight Alex Reid Vs Tom Watson.
Im fighting on the undercard slot and against a guy called Tom Breese who is making his Pro debut after a successful 8-0-0 at semi pro, so hard work will continue after Kayo MMA on the 11th, no rest for me!!

BAMMA 4 will be shown a week after the show on Bravo channel on sky digital and hopefully they may show the fight.

Other than that, I’ll probably do a training camp out in the USA or in Thailand end of year / early next year and to just keep training and improving.

I also want to give my congratulations to PAK MMA and Shaheen MMA Academy for getting a good spread in last months Fighters Only magazine (I have my copy) and was so pleased to see the article on the rise of MMA in Pakistan and with the mention of future stars. This definately has made an impression on people over here in the UK as a few people had mentioned it to me and were surprised that MMA was actually taking off in Pakistan.

MMA in Pakistan may be a new entity, but I dont think, I KNOW that a Pakistani will be up there and amongst the very best in the world in the future. Just keep training folks and spread the word….

Changes made in upcoming spring schedule

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The May 16th scheduled Pakistan Warrior Challenge (PWC) has been canceled and has now been changed to a Shaheen Smoker. The next PWC is still to be announced and there is no scheduled tentative date as of yet.

The upcoming Shaheen Smoker may also include kick boxing and grappling matches if willing participants are founds.

In other news, Shaheen MMA Academy should officially open in time for the Shaheen Smoker.

To get a better idea of what is going on behind the scenes please read the blog entry by PAK-MMA President and Owner of Shaheen MMA Academy, Bashir Ahmad

Read it HERE

Trims Fitness Fort

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Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan got a chance to visit one of the most active Martial Arts Gyms in Islamabad, Trims Fitness Fort. Other than providing great Martial Arts training in Islamabad they have one of the best all around fitness facilities in the Islamabad area. Situated in Jinnah Sports Complex near Aapbara in Islamabad, Trims Fitness Fort is a great place for those who want to learn Martial Arts for self defense, competition or fitness. The employees at Trims are very knowledgeable about Mixed Martial Arts and not only practitioners of the Martial Arts but avid fans of MMA and make sure to watch the latest, UFC, Strikeforce or Dream event that comes out. The head martial arts instructor at Trims in Islamabad is Master Nasir Ali. A black belt in five different styles including, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Aikido and Wushu.

Trims fitness fort has been very active in promoting MMA in the Islamabad area and have a fan page for Mixed Martial Arts Islamabad on facebook. They are also finalizing their MMA team and will be represented in both the upcoming competition in Lahore as well as in the Fite Selektor TV show.

If you want not only great instruction but a great facility to get into the best shape of your life with some dedicated trainers and live in the Islamabad area. Check this place out. If your still not convinced, check out the video.

PTV Seminar (with video)

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Apologies for the late delivery of this article. The website was down for almost a week and just got back online.

On January 17th, at Sukh Chan Wellness club in Gulberg, Lahore Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan partnered with Fite Selektor to hold an MMA seminar for Pakistan Television. The purpose of the seminar was to educate the Pakistani audience on what Mixed Martial Arts is as well as let everyone know that there is a reality show taking place and that we are looking for as many applicants as possible.

The exercise studio at Sukh Chan had about 40-50 people during the shooting. People from all walks of life attended the seminar ranging from domestic workers to those working for international firms. Children just starting their martial training were in the crowd alongside some of the top Martial Artists in the country.

The seminar dealt with the history of modern MMA, what MMA is (a form of competition), the sports rules and the latest news regarding Fite Selektor Reality Show. This was the first part of the seminar, the second part of the seminar had players from various Martial Arts put on demos ranging from Kata’s to light sparring. With each demonstration Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan gave commentary and analysis about what was going on as well as how each style contributes to MMA.

After the demo’s there was a wrap up where Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan summarized the days events and ended with the conclusion that there was a lot of talent in Pakistan that just needed a platform and outlet to be recognized. Fite Selektor is helping make that happen. Then came the issue of wether or not pakistan is ready for such a new sporting event in light of the current situation. MMA Pakistan is of the opinion that Pakistani’s just want to go on with their lives as they normally do, and this sport has such potential in the country that the current security situation will not pose an obstacle in it’s path to supreme popularity.

A special thanks goes out to all those who attended particularly those instructors who came with their students. Thanks, Shahbaz Ali Khan, Shafiq Awan and Aamir Butt for attending and to all your students. Thanks to all those who performed at the seminar helping make it the success it was.

Next up on the MMA Pakistan agenda is continuing to look for fighters from all around Pakistan to compete in Fite Selektor and to begin organizing an amateur MMA event in Model Town Lahore on the 14th of February. Details regarding this will be announced in the coming weeks. Those who want to fight please contact or call 0334 413 7706.

Those who wish to take part in Fite Selektor please send the following information to

Name -

Age -


Weight -

Experience -

Phone Number -

PICTURE in fighting stance -

Please keep yourself updated and take some time to look around the website and watch how MMA has developed in Pakistan! MMA Pakistan the original origin and destination of all things Mixed Martial Arts in Pakistan!

Enjoy the video.

Latest News

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A lot is going to be happening with Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan in theĀ  coming weeks, so everyone stay tuned and be active.

An instructor is available in Lahore for those wanting to learn Mixed Martial Arts. BJJ, Muay Thai or Boxing. Please do not expect a reply regarding any other martial. These are the only ones available. Please call 0334 413 7036

Grappling will be held soon in Model Town Park by Link Road. For those who can attend please send an SMS to 0334 413 7706 or email First session aimed for Sunday afternoon in Model Town Park.

Press conference from PTV regarding fite selektor. Please watch video below

If anyone wishes to compete in fite selektor please mail the following information along with PICTURE IN FIGHTING STANCE to

* Age
* Weight in KGs (Minimum Requirement 70 kgs)
* Height
* Experience in Years
* Style
* Wins / Loses / KOs
* email
* Phone
Referal Person

Please send all information by Dec 15th! Thanks.

We will also have the latest interview with Shah Hussain up in a few days. We apologize for the delay.

How to Get the Best Mixed Martial Arts Equipment For Beginners

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When selecting MMA equipment it is always recommended to research the brands that are available for that MMA equipment before you buy. This is true whether the MMA equipment you are buying is boxing gloves, MMA sparring gloves, MMA boardshorts, kick shields, rash guards and so on. The fightwear brands you may be most familiar with from other sports – and this is especially true if you are new to the sport – may not offer the best MMA equipment for you to buy.

General sports brands such a Fairtex, Addidas and Twins offer a good range of mixed martial arts equipment and fightwear which is of a high standard and quality. However specialist brands for MMA include Tapout who you may have seen advertised on the UFC. MMA fighters often wear MMA boardshorts and MMA clothing advertising this brand.

Granite and Affliction are also excellent manufacturers of MMA equipment and fight clothing, if not yet as high profile It should be possible for you to find all the different types of mixed martial arts equipment and fightwear on one website, for example, specialist stores.

If you are just starting out in the sport of MMA, maybe you got your interest peeked by watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), or have just starting taking lessons and have already decided to start purchasing your mixed martial arts equipment. You have probably decided to start buying your MMA clothing and MMA equipment with either a pair of boxing gloves or a pair of MMA sparring gloves.

When you start out in a sport like mixed martial arts it is important to purchase a gumguard, although you are probably more interested in buying your MMA sparring gloves or boxing gloves. Once you have bought this you can then examine the many different suppliers of MMA gloves and boxing gloves such as Fairtex, Twins and Granite.

Most good mixed martial arts instructors will have already advised you that the most important article of mixed martial arts equipment is your gumguard. Your boxing gloves, your MMA sparring gloves, your kneepads, your thai pads and your groinguard although useful are nowhere near as important an article of mixed martial arts equipment as this. If your instructor has not advised you of this you may want to consider how safety conscious your club really is.

Granite make good quality MMA gloves so this would be a good range of MMA fightwear for you to consider. These MMA gloves are 4oz as is standard and are made of black leather.

Alternatively, if you fancy buying from a brand featured on the Ultimate Fighting Championship you could try Tapout MMA gloves.

You will often see these on the hands of UFC fighters because they have a sponsorship deal with the UFC. Although this is good marketing and some people prefer to wear endorsed fightwear, these articles of mixed martial arts equipment are of just as good quality when bought from brands such as Granite and Affliction as when bought from the Tapout brand.

Isometric Exercises For Mixed-Martial Arts

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Isometrics are not often used in sports specific strength and conditioning. Because most sports are dynamic in nature, isometrics aren’t obvious to they eye and thus aren’t trained.

In MMA, isometrics can add another element to your game that can help you submit your opponent, escape a submission, or achieve a dominant position whether standing or on the ground.

For example, if you get caught in an armbar and your opponent doesn’t immediately lock you in, you’ve got some time to escape. How long you have depends on your ability to keep your arm flexed using your biceps while trying to move your body around so that your arm is in a safe position.

Another example is when you’ve got a triangle locked in. Submitting an opponent with a triangle is no easy task, so you’ve got to have the ability to keep your knees squeezed tightly together for an extended period to tire your opponent out to make him tap.

A final example is in the clinch. When you’re pummeling back and forth with an opponent or you have a single-leg, you’ve got to hold your arms in a certain position against his bodyweight – this is isometrics in action.

So how do you train isometrics in the gym?

My favorite way to do it is to throw isometrics into the middle of a set. That would mean if you’re doing 12 reps of an exercise, after rep 6, you do an isometric hold at the middle of the range of motion, then finish the set off.

Or, you can break it up into thirds, so you can do an isometric hold of 5 seconds after the 4th rep, 8th rep, and at the end of the set.

But let me warn you – this method is difficult and burns, making it a great method for training mental toughness at the same time.

Here are 3 of my favorite exercises to use isometrics with:

1) Inverted Row

  • Hang under a barbell with your feet on a swiss ball so your body is parallel with the floor
  • Hold when your elbows are at 90 degrees

2) Push-up

  • Do your standard push-up, or put your feet on a ball for an added challenge
  • Hold at 90 degrees of elbow flexion

3) Leg curl on Swiss ball with knee squeeze

  • For this one, you need a squishy child’s ball
  • Put it between your knees and for the entire set of leg curls, squeeze the ball together as hard as you can

So now you have 3 exercises and a new method for developing your MMA strength and conditioning. Put these into your workout routine and you’ll be tapping people out when you would’ve given up before, and you’ll take your MMA game to the next level.

Isometrics are a component of a good strength and conditioning program. But there are a few things that many MMA fighters do wrong in their MMA workouts. Don’t make the same mistakes, check out the Top 5 MMA Workout Mistakes

Martial Arts Supplies and Equipment

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To do extremely well in any sports or discipline and especially the martial arts, the competitor needs the right training equipment and gear. There are hundreds of martial arts styles all over the world and a lot of styles use some sort of equipment, especially the competitive fighting arts.

The mixed martial arts, which are a blend of some of the combat arts from all over the world, like Judo, Karate, Thai Boxing, and kung fu make use of some traditional gear as well as boxing equipment.

Some mixed martial arts make use of a punching bag, a speed bag, and a double end bag or floor to ceiling ball. These fighting bags all help increase various skills in a combatant. The heavy punching bag helps with clout, the speed bag with hand eye coordination and the double end bag improves punching accuracy and tempo as well.

Some martial artist make use of the Thai bag, which is an extremely long bag, sometimes up to six feet, that allows martial artists to practice devastating lower leg kicks.

Another great piece of martial arts supplies is the kick shield. This is nothing more than a large leather shield that is used for blocking and absorbing blows and kicks during a workout. The shield is great as the target can be moved around the room and also used for low or high kicks to practically any part of the body, including the stomach, chest, and legs.

Mixed martial artists also use focus mitts, which are also versatile. The focus mitts are great for accuracy and endurance for long bouts; they can not only be punched, but also for skilled martial artist can kick them held in a variety of positions. The function of this particular piece of equipment is to help fighters develop fast and fluid combinations.

Another important training item is the protection gear that professional boxers and fighters wear. The mixed martial artist sport normally wear a four ounce glove or similar. The boxing gloves average around ten ounces. For both styles, hand injuries can end the fighter’s career and participation in the sport, so the correct training and protective gear is vital.

No matter if you punch, grab, grapple, or box, martial art supplies can help you get the most out of your training and fighting skills.

Schedule for the next 2 months!

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Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan is about to get very busy! We a lot of stuff planned over the next 8 weeks. Make sure to try and show up at any event you can and bring friends and family. If we don’t cover a city please let us know and we will try and include it on our tour. Please remember these are tentative dates. Nothing is finalized until we get feedback from fans on the ground. Remember Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan is YOU. You are going to make this happen. The fans and supporters of all Martial Arts are going to lead the way to a new stage in Pakistani sport. So, here are the tentative dates.

November 21st

Grappling session in Karachi – time and location to be announced

For those who want to get the most out of the seminars in Karachi it is highly recommended you attend these sessions!

December 1st

On Site Interview With Shah “No Pain” Hussain in London!

December 6th – 9th

Seminars in Lahore

Dec 9th – 12th

Seminars in Karachi

December 12th – Jan 3rd

Full time training in Lahore

Jan 3rd – 8th

Seminars in Islamabad

So that’s the basic idea of what will be going on for the next couple months

FiteSelektor tried coming to Pakistan for MMA show

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This has been out for a while but decided it was worth sharing with the readers to give you some idea how big MMA is getting around the world and that there are already promotions looking to bring it to Pakistan and recruit Pakistani fighters.

Here is a press release from a Dubai based MMA promotion called “Fiteselektor.”

“Fiteselektor, the Dubai based Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) event will start it’s FITESELEKTOR GLOBAL TALENT TOUR in January 2009 in Pakistan.
MMA is a spectacular combination of wrestling and full contact kickboxing techniques.
Fiteselektor is the only MMA concept in the world where the audience decides, by means of SMS voting, who is fighting whom.
Fiteselektor’s first port of call will be Pakistan, where over the course of January 2009 fighters will be recruited all over the country.
These fighters will be selected in a reality tv program where they will undergo gruelling MMA training while competing with each other. The Fiteselektor jury decides who will make it to the next round. The ultimate winner will be awarded a professional MMA contract as well as a considerable amount of money.
More details will be provided in the press conference, scheduled for mid December 2008 in Karachi, Pakistan.”

Based on very reliable sources close to MMA Pakistan, FiteSelektor was not able to find anyone in Pakistan to aid them in their search for fighters. MMA Pakistan’s website came online just three months after this press release. However, that is ok. Next time they come, and it will be sooner than later, we’ll be ready and waiting with fighters from Pakistan