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“Where’s the Machines Yaar?”

Posted on: October 16th, 2011 by admin 3 Comments

Machines.machines, machines…Everyone wants machines. For the past couple of weeks, I am paying for the mistake of placing “body building” as one of things we are offering at our new gym Synergy Fitness Club, which absorbed my previous MMA gym Shaheen MMA. Because we are offering Cross Fit and have a decent number of free weights at the gym I figured I may as well put “Body Building” as one of the things you can do at the gym which is true because we have enough weight and basic racks (bench, squat) for the heavy exersices if one wanted to “bodybuild” I also put  ”bodybuilding” on the sign because here people don’t really know what bodybuilding is. For many people here in Pakistan bodybuilding is about lifting weights and going tot he gym. That’s it. But by my definition, bodybuilding is lifting weights for the sole intention of looking large and muscular and when pursued seriously where you take part in competitions where you wear a thong, get oiled up and flex in front of a bunch of other men. That’s how I see it.  But I figured since “bodybuilding” here is usually just getting big and ripped, the same reason guys in the West, “Hit the gym” or “Go lift.” So you can walk around like a douchebag, I figured I could put that on our sign since by training with us at Synergy you could get big and ripped and have all the tools necessary to be the biggest douche bag ever (please note my sarcasm)

Anyway, so what happened was after putting up the sign we started getting people in the gym after seeing the sign and wanting to know what the deal with bodybuilding was. The first thing they asked was, “Where are the machines?” I would tell people that we do functional fitness at the gym, with a focus on athletic performance and not beach bodies however, if you eat right and train hard, the way you look is naturally going to change. This seemed to fly over their heads. They would just look at me as if I were retarded and everything I had just told them was a total waste of their time. Honestly, maybe it was. Most of the people coming in seemed to have no interest in athleticism or physical performance and could not fathom that you would have to work, and work hard in a gym to get results. The people coming in were pretty much the same type of people that buy stuff off of infomercials convinced that THAT machine or gadget, yes, THAT one, was the answer to looking like an action star.

Well for all of you looking to be strong and athletic, I have some news for you. Machines are not the way to reach your goals. Now if you are a beginner and are at risk of possibly injuring yourself by lifting incorrectly, then yes machines are something that would help you get started before moving on to more functional training. If your trying to be just big and of course the added bonus of strong than looking for machines is not your answer. Look up your favorite body building hero and see what they REALLY do. I am not talking about opening a copy of flex magazine and seeing Bodybuilding “X”‘s training routine next to his sponsorship with “Meaner Weiner Muscle Juice.” I mean what they actually do in the gym. Chances are they use a lot of free weights.

What’s the difference between the two? That is an article within itself and something we will cover. But in the meantime, just google “Machines vs Freeweights” and see for yourself what the fitness world has to say.

PTV Seminar (with video)

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Apologies for the late delivery of this article. The website was down for almost a week and just got back online.

On January 17th, at Sukh Chan Wellness club in Gulberg, Lahore Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan partnered with Fite Selektor to hold an MMA seminar for Pakistan Television. The purpose of the seminar was to educate the Pakistani audience on what Mixed Martial Arts is as well as let everyone know that there is a reality show taking place and that we are looking for as many applicants as possible.

The exercise studio at Sukh Chan had about 40-50 people during the shooting. People from all walks of life attended the seminar ranging from domestic workers to those working for international firms. Children just starting their martial training were in the crowd alongside some of the top Martial Artists in the country.

The seminar dealt with the history of modern MMA, what MMA is (a form of competition), the sports rules and the latest news regarding Fite Selektor Reality Show. This was the first part of the seminar, the second part of the seminar had players from various Martial Arts put on demos ranging from Kata’s to light sparring. With each demonstration Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan gave commentary and analysis about what was going on as well as how each style contributes to MMA.

After the demo’s there was a wrap up where Mixed Martial Arts Pakistan summarized the days events and ended with the conclusion that there was a lot of talent in Pakistan that just needed a platform and outlet to be recognized. Fite Selektor is helping make that happen. Then came the issue of wether or not pakistan is ready for such a new sporting event in light of the current situation. MMA Pakistan is of the opinion that Pakistani’s just want to go on with their lives as they normally do, and this sport has such potential in the country that the current security situation will not pose an obstacle in it’s path to supreme popularity.

A special thanks goes out to all those who attended particularly those instructors who came with their students. Thanks, Shahbaz Ali Khan, Shafiq Awan and Aamir Butt for attending and to all your students. Thanks to all those who performed at the seminar helping make it the success it was.

Next up on the MMA Pakistan agenda is continuing to look for fighters from all around Pakistan to compete in Fite Selektor and to begin organizing an amateur MMA event in Model Town Lahore on the 14th of February. Details regarding this will be announced in the coming weeks. Those who want to fight please contact or call 0334 413 7706.

Those who wish to take part in Fite Selektor please send the following information to

Name -

Age -


Weight -

Experience -

Phone Number -

PICTURE in fighting stance -

Please keep yourself updated and take some time to look around the website and watch how MMA has developed in Pakistan! MMA Pakistan the original origin and destination of all things Mixed Martial Arts in Pakistan!

Enjoy the video.

How Do I Get a Mixed-Martial-Arts (MMA) Work Out?

Posted on: November 25th, 2009 by admin 3 Comments

Imagine, being in the ring, your backs to the fence, suddenly you remember all your training, and you wrap it up with three complex moves! Standing triumphant, you raise your head now blinded by the flashing lights of cameras. Your arms shoot up, you’ve won an MMA fight.

This was always a dream of mine, I’d trained for years, but due to an injury I was no longer able to even consider fighting at this level. But I can give you free tips to train like a fighter.

After this article you’ll feel confidence that you can have the training and get the mindset you need to fight the best.

1. Train for endurance

It can be deceiving, you are seeing fighters in 5 minute rounds, and it seems like they are training for short periods of time. But do you know it takes hours of preparation to be able to put on a 5 minute fight?

This is why after a few minutes it looks like the fighter starts slowing down a lot of the time. Put together a training work out to do this 3 to 5 times a week.

2. Intervals are critical

An excellent way to build up this endurance is by interval training. This means alternating between weights and cardiovascular training to increase the capacity of the lungs and the strength of the heart, and muscles. It is one of the best workouts to get you in shape to fight.

3. Partner

Believe it or not I’ve actually had some say to me that they can train to fight without a partner. Well you can to an extent, but if you are going to learn how to have the ability to fight in the ring then you’ll have to find a partner.

Things to look for:

• Similar physical shape or better than yourself

• A fighter you can lean from

• One who is disciplined

• A great coach who will work well with both of you.

Have you ever thought of just how powerful your mind is?

4. The unbeatable power of your mind.

Your strongest weapon when you can get to the point of being so laser focused that you only are aware of the fight and the many dynamics of the fight then you’ll be ready.

Important, write this down!

Don’t be fooled, the mind is your strongest asset, but the trickiest to understand. This is why a lot of time is spent watching your opponent train, understanding how he thinks, this is where the battle is fought.

Listen closely; this will make or break the fight for you

The ability to lead them to what you want them to think is where the battle is won.

Fact:Fighting is a great physical game and an even greater mental game.

“Although most fighters believe that the fight is 90 percent mental and ten percent physical, they train 90 percent physical and ten percent mental. That is going to have to change as MMA continues to evolve or those fighters will be left behind.” – Randy Couture, Former UFC (Ultimate Fighter Champion) Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight

Do you have what it takes to train your mind, and body at this level?

Mixed Martial Arts Workout – Strength Training For an MMA Fight

Posted on: November 24th, 2009 by admin 2 Comments

Mixed martial arts is a unique sport.

You could say that it is one of the few… if not the ONLY one (in martial arts) that requires a great deal of cross training. The MMA fighter must not only possess skill in various disciplines but he or she must also have stamina, flexibility, strength and intelligence.

Just being able to throw a powerful punch and being able to toss your opponent around is not enough. Strength training for an MMA fight involves working out to produce the ability to exert effort and pressure in an extreme environment.

Surprisingly enough… everyone can benefit from an MMA workout!

The correct mixed martial arts workout will not only have you looking good but will allow you to take care of yourself in any situation. For example, having great cardio can easily enhance your sex life.

The mixed martial arts workout that I’m going to recommend will allow you to push yourself beyond your normal exercise limits.

This MMA workout is designed to target all your major muscle groups. This training should be completed– 3 to 4 times per week.

You will have one full day of recovery between each workout.

This will condition your muscles to work longer through high levels of lactic acid. This workout consists of three circuits with two minutes of rest in between each circuit.

Each of the movements is timed and your objective is to do as many repetitions as possible within the allotted time. Unfortunately, there will be no rest in between exercises. After you have completed the movement you must move on to the next until you complete the entire series or circuit.

It is important then to find a resistance or weight that you can use without a great deal of difficulty.

Bear in mind this is an MMA workout designed to give you additional strength– so using a light weight or light resistance will not help you!

This price you pay now — in this MMA workout — will pay off in the ring or on the mat!

It’s a good idea to keep track of your workouts — the number of repetitions for each exercise. (You don’t need anything expensive you can go down to your local Rite Aid or CVS and purchase a composition notebook for about a dollar.)

The exercises that you will be given are considered… compound movements.

Here is your MMA workout and training program:

1. Half Squats — 1.5 minutes (remember do as many repetitions as you can within the allotted 1.5 minutes — then move onto the next exercise.)

2. Flat Bench Press — for 1.5 minutes

3. Overhead Press (standing) — 1.5 minutes

4. The Clean and Jerk — 1.5 minutes

After you complete this one round or circuit rest for approximately 2 minutes (this is your target.)

In the beginning don’t push yourself too much if you have not completely recovered at the end of the two minutes — then rest for an additional minute — for maximum total of three minutes of rest.

As I indicated to you earlier — the price you pay in this workout will pay you dividends in the ring or on the mat. After two weeks of doing this workout you should see dramatic improvements not only in your strength, stamina but also in your muscular endurance!

Would you like to gain 10 to 20 lbs of muscle– double your speed–increase your strength by 300% and and blow torch the fat off your body– in no time at all?

Then get all the– rapid muscle gaining programs– super fast easy fat loss diets— mind blowing strength workouts that are guaranteed to give you turbocharged results– and it’s absolutely FREE!

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Learn the Three Deadliest Submission Moves in Mixed Martial Arts

Posted on: November 24th, 2009 by admin 2 Comments

Some fight fans do not fully appreciate mixed martial arts (MMA), claiming that it’s boring and unexciting. This is completely understandable coming from fight fans that typically enjoy watching boxing or other contact sports. It’s highly likely that the reason they find MMA boring is because they love watching knockouts, which rarely happen in MMA competitions. However, if you’re a true student of the game, your preference may lean towards submission moves. Submission moves may not be as glamorous as knockouts, but they are more rewarding if you know how to do them because they involve a lot more skill and strategy. Just as devastating as a knockout, submission techniques require more discipline and patience in learning to find the perfect timing for these. There are many forms of submission techniques, but this article aims to discuss the four most effective MMA submission moves. If you master any of these, you can try it to the next guy who treats you like crap. He’ll regret what he did and apologize within seconds, guaranteed.

Rear naked choke
Despite its odd name, the rear naked choke has nothing to do with being naked, but everything with rear and choke, as it is a form of a chokehold that must be executed from behind an opponent. When your opponent is facing away from you, usually when his back is turned on you, you can wrap one arm around his neck with your forearm pushing against one side of his neck and your bicep against the other. Then use your other arm to push against the back of his head. You can apply more pressure by simply pushing the back of his head harder towards your wrapped arm.

Most chokeholds put pressure on a person’s windpipe. This can take a while before putting the person to sleep. The rear naked choke, on the other hand, pinches the carotid arteries, which supply blood and oxygen to the head. When done correctly, your opponent will tap out or lose consciousness within a few seconds. This is why this choking method is considered the quickest and deadliest technique in MMA.

This is one of the toughest moves to execute but will guarantee an instant victory when done correctly. The omoplata works like this; after putting your opponent in a Kimura hold, you should lift your leg over your opponent’s shoulder and push under his chin. Then you should sit up, shift your weight, and lean forward so you can hyper rotate your opponent’s arm. If you’re on the receiving end of this submission technique, it is possible you’ll scream in pain. Which is why if your opponent does not submit within a few seconds, it’s very likely that he’ll be suffering from severe shoulder injuries.

Triangle Choke
The term triangle choke was coined because the head is trapped between three limbs; the other person’s two legs and his own arm. From the guard position, you trap your opponent’s arm and pull it forward. Then put your leg opposite to the isolated arm behind your opponent’s head and make sure that you lock that leg into place with your other leg. This makes your opponent trapped, and you can easily apply more pressure until the poor chap quits or loses consciousness.

Secret Weapon of the Mixed Martial Arts Workout

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Just imagine, you’re out of breath, tired, and you have a black eye, but the smile and raised fists say it all. Having been in martial arts for years, it’s not uncommon for someone to ask me what are the secret workouts that a mixed martial artist will do? What the secret that makes him or her different than others who train hard?

The truth is that it’s more than just having the best routine, because even if you do after a short period of time you’ll adjust and then you’ll not be ready for a competition. You have to change the routine regularly.

After you read this article you’ll have confidence that you can get to that level of training. First of all I have to say that if you are just getting started, this is a great place to start so you can gain valuable tools. Please be sure you check with a doctor before you start.

Grab a pen and take notes the differences may surprise you.

Myth: Most people I’ve talked to think that to get in shape to compete you need a certain set routine.

Actually you need a routine which combines everything, strength, cardiovascular, endurance, stamina, balance and flexibility.

A tall order I know but to be able to compete, you must have all of these or a good opponent will see where you’re weak, and continually challenge you where you there.

Think with me for a minute. You are watching a fight that goes for five minutes.

During this time you’ll see:

• Strength, resisting with wrestling or delivering strikes
• Cardiovascular conditioning, constant foot work in combination with striking
• Stamina after a few seconds you’ll be exhausted if you don’t this
• Balance, suddenly finding yourself on one foot you still have to fight
• Flexibility the last thing you need is a torn muscle or tendon

Are you ready for the most important aspect?

The real secret is that once you are fighting, the toughest thing is not the physical aspect, but the mental. You have to be able to out think your competitor.

Yes it is difficult; it’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. But with the right tools this is the key that will get you through your toughest competitions.

You can’t expect to win if this is your weakest link, it’s impossible. You’ll end up fighting someone who does have mental strength, and they’ll get in your head. Once this is exposed; with mental training you’ll be able to tell the mental strength of your competitor, they can use this against you.

“Although most fighters believe that the fight is 90 percent mental and ten percent physical, they train 90 percent physical and ten percent mental. That is going to have to change as MMA continues to evolve or those fighters will be left behind.” Randy Couture

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion

Do you have what it takes to train your mind, and body at this level? Can you visualize yourself in the ring with opponents like Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Anderson “the Spider” Silva? Then you have to have the mindset they have.