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Pakistan Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (PBJJF) holds grappling events and seminars in Pakistan and to date has held 4 Pakistan Grappling Challenge (PGC) events.

PBJJF also maintains the ranks of BJJ practitioners in Pakistan.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PBJJF

Fight Categories: Different weight categories (no-Gi), Absolute (no-Gi), Absolute (Gi)

Date Fight Title Location Medal Holders
 March 30, 2014  Pakistan Grappling Challenge 1  Islamabad  Partial Medal Holders List
 February 7, 2015  Pakistan Grappling Challenge 2  Lahore  Full Medal Holders List
 September 6, 2015  Pakistan Grappling Challenge 3  Rawalpindi  Full Medal Holders List
 August 28, 2016  Pakistan Grappling Challenge 4  Lahore  Full Medal Holders List