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Synergy Fitness Club

Synergy MMA is the first club dedicated to MMA training in Lahore. It is the HQ of PAKMMA and is owned by PAKMMA founder and ONEFC stand out, Bashir Ahmad. Bashir’s first student turned pro fighter Waqar Umar, also a ONEFC fighter and local MMA hero is the main instructor.

Synergy is a gym where intense work outs take place inside technical MMA training that has people from all walks of life ranging from students, film directors, musicians, celebrity hair stylists, DJ’s are training alongside sponsored fighters from underprivileged backgrounds in a team environment.

The training program is influenced by the experience of Bashir Ahmad in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, Waqar Umar’s background in Wushu and Boxing and specialty coach Nadeem Naeem for wrestling.

With a newly revamped training area sponsored by Stone Age Jeans, Synergy is a place every MMA fan in the country must make one visit too once.

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Shaheen MMA Academy

Shaheen MMA is the brain child of pioneering members of PAKMMA. Situated in Charrar Pind, Shaheen MMA caters to the community of Charrar Pind as well as those who want an affordable place to train, with good coaching and a proper facility fully equipped with a ring, wrestling mats and bags. Don’t be surprised to see MMA Fighter Bashir Ahmad coaching here himself, as he will be responsible for building this new gyms fight team in the coming years. Caters to all, with a focus on both fitness, self defence and martial arts training and preparation to become a fighter. Promising students from here will also be given a chance to train on a full scholarship at Synergy MMA Academy.

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VCL Fight for Fitness is a combination of promotor Sheikh Shahid Sultan (SSS) and the leader of Pakistani Wushu, Grandmaster Malik Iftikhar.  Primarily based  on Wushu Kung Fu, the partnership with VCL has led to the additions of other martial arts in its curriculum to create a well rounded MMA fighter.

Located on Peco Road in Lahore, VCL F4F is where some of Pakistan’s best Wushu players conduct their training and though VCL F4F is new to the scene as a gym, as a training facility the previous Wushu club has been around for much, much longer and has a large matted area and a boxing area making it a very capable training area for MMA, with some very good sparring partners based out of the Pakistani Wushu Federation.

Watch out for fighters representing VCL F4F in the very near future!

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Victory Dojo

The home of the first PAKMMA event in February of 2010, this gym is also a Kyokushin gym headed by Senior Black Belt Sir Shafiq Awan.

Primarily a striking based gym, Shafiq Awan is experienced in grappling concepts in martial arts that he has learned in Pakistan and overseas. This gym is set in the center of Pakistan’s MMA scene they have not yet fielded too many fighters, however they have produced some notable ones such as PFC and VCL veteran Haroon Sohail and Jerry James – the only Pakistani to defeat foreign competition at PFC 4.

With their advancing MMA program expect more stand out fighters to follow in the foot steps of Haroon Sohail and Jerry James.

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The A-Team

The A-Team is a small team based in Askari 10, Lahore. Though they do not have a permanently facility they often conduct their training out of Synergy MMA in Defense, Lahore. They do train together as a team and have represented their team regularly in all events that have taken place in Pakistan.

They are heavily influenced in Jiu Jitsu with head coach Faaiz Kamran Rajpoot having extensive experience in the art.

Some fighters that have gained recognition from A-Team – Shehyar Quereshi and Ayam Khan, who has one of the most viewed knee to the face KO’s in PAKMMA.

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Legends MMA Club

Legends has been around since 2008 and started as a primarily kick boxing center as that was the base of black belt kick boxer Shafiq Ur Rahman who played for the army and was also a self defense instructor for the army. They started a BJJ program in 2011 and are ready to begin launching MMA into the Pakistani MMA scene.

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Infinity Martial Arts

As a social self-defense training center Infinity Martial Arts and Fitness Centre was established in 2014 to promote healthy physical activities, targeting those who were unaware of the physical aspects and benefits of martial arts. Infinity has 4 branches in different areas of Multan and is gradually increasing its circle of influence in the city.

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Gujranwala Fight Club

GFC is the First Martial Arts and MMA Club in Gujranwala under the supervision of International Martial Arts and MMA player Shams Rehman who represented Pakistan in Wushu at Asian Games 2014. For more details about the club you can contact on following details:




Third Generation MMA

Third Generation MMA is the most active Karachi based MMA gym on the scene. Headed by 26 year old Ovais Shah, the youngest coach and captain in the PAKMMA scene (to our current knowledge).

Ovais has an extensive martial arts background which he started at a young age. He has a large influence in ninjitsu and has some of the most incredible spinning attacks that have been captured in fights with spinning back kick KO’s in kickboxing matches and the famous spinning back fist KO of Uloomi at PFC 2.

Third Generation has been active in Pakistani MMA not only by fielding fighters but by coordinating PAKMMA training courses, smokers and trial matches for the Karachi scene making it a center point for the MMA happenings of Karachi.

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The S3

Guru Gohar Gul was part of the original PAKMMA members and the first representative of Karachi. Gohar Gul specializes in Muay Thai and has trainined in Thaiand, however the first BJJ seminar held by PAKMMA in 2009 was held at the S3 and this gym has been around the grappling game since early MMA competition in Pakistan. Gohar Gul and the S3 have been a part of some historical events being represented at the first PAKMMA event held in February 2010, the first Pak Fight Club and the first Fighting Alliance.

Gohar Gul is very well known for his incredible personal conditioning and the results he brings to his fitness clients throughout Karachi. The S3 is primarily headquartered at Act One.

Gohar Gul has a very loyal following in the MMA scene due to his incredible personality, kind character and wisdom which truly makes him a martial arts mentor to even the most senior people in the MMA scene.

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Shura Ryu Jiu Jitsu

Shura Ryu Jiu Jitsu is founded by Syed Momin Zaidi who is also the head coach. Master Momin founded SRJJ when he came back to Pakistan after several years of training in Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he is a Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu and Shotokan, a brown belt in Judo.

SRJJ was founded with the aim to provide complete mixed martial arts training to Pakistani martial arts enthusiasts and fighters to make them well rounded competitors. With this aim SRJJ is now collaborating with K7 Martial Arts Academy to build young athletes and conduct Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts events in Karachi.

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Karachi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy

Karachi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy is Pakistan’s first dedicated Jiu Jitsu Academy. Alisha Ahmad is a purple belt instructor under Wilson Junior of Carlson Gracie London. He is also Pakistan Grappling Challenge 3 Belt Holder in Gi category. The club is located on main Sharae Faisal in the heart of Karachi, and classes are on from Monday to Friday 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. For further details, you can contact them below:




SHAN Mixed Martial Arts

Starting in 1980, Shan Academy of Martial Arts is one of the oldest martial arts club in Pakistan headed by GM Mubarak Ali Shan. Many of their students have represented Pakistan in International tournaments. Though they are one of the pioneers of martial arts in Pakistan, they have formally joined MMA recently. With their previous strong background of martial arts and dedication towards it, they will be dominating MMA in no time. For more details, contact below:


03478538155, 03337821376, 03425111266



Markhore is a new MMA Gym in Quetta started by the undefeated fighter of Team Fight Fortress Ahmed Mujtaba who has MMA Fight Record of 5-0-0 and got Silver Medal in Pakistan Grappling Challenge 2014 after defeating Waqar Umar and Bronze Medal in Inter-university Wushu Championship.

We can expect some “Markhore” fighters from this club in the future.

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0313-8342007, 0335-5389156

Sultan Fighter Academy

Sultan Fighter Academy has also been known by Sultan Sports Academy and is based out of Quetta.

Due to the distance of the region, they have not been as active as they wold like to be but may have the highest concentration of tough experienced fighters in the whole country.

Two fighters to watch out for from this place are Ezzatullah Zakir and Rehmatullah Karim.

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Team Fight Fortress

Team Fight Fortress in Islamabad is one of the pioneer and the most active gyms in the Pakistani MMA scene. Fight Fortress has been the hub for Islamabad’s MMA scene since the very beginning of Pakistani MMA. Many of the TFF fighters such as Uloomi Karim, Ahmed Mujtaba, Faizan Khan, Haider Farman and Mehmosh Raza are fighting on the International MMA platform. Two TFF fighters were the first Pakistanis to win International MMA Championship Title and Belt.

It is headed by coaches Ehtisham Karim and Ali Sultan who have vast experience in different styles of martial arts. With the help of of their experience they have put together well rounded training regimen that combines elements of different fighting styles such as Boxing, Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Kyokushin, Shotokan, Capoeira, Savate, Freestyle Wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Folkstyle Wrestling, Sambo, Judo, Catch Wrestling and BJJ. This led their team to attain both local and international success.

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D5 MMA is the work of Master Chen. Master is a very well known and liked figure on the Pakistani MMA scene. A Chinese-Pakistani who speaks very good Urdu. Master Chen’s fighters have recently begun coming into the spotlight at the MMA training at the gym continues to develop and improve.

Master Chen has a variety of influences in his knowledge and in his course at this Islamabad gym. He main background however is Wushu Kung Fu and JKD, although he takes great efforts to train in all martial arts.

This gym is active on the Pakistani MMA scene and has some notable fighters such as Jamil and Alamgeer “Prince” Khan.

To get more information on D5 and to get the latest updates go to –




Elite MMA

Elite MMA is a gym that has been around a while but only recently has become to be known on the PAKMMA scene.

They boast two locations with a recent location having a cage wall installed.

This gym has a background in Karate that has implemented MMA training.

In the milestone event Ultimate Grappling Challenge held in Islamabad and other smaller grappling events they have begun to show their new skills.

Get ready to see these guys in MMA fights on the scene soon.

To stay tuned with this gyms latest happenings check them out online at –


03465327577 – 03219566605


KAK’s Fight Club

KAK’s Fight Club is one of the newest but also one of the most active clubs in the Pakistani MMA scene. Named after it’s late founder Kashif Ali Khan, a Tae Kwon Do and Ninja and Bando Blackbelt who received the “Best Fighter” award at the Bando Championship in Burma. The gym operates out of Naseerabad near Old Daewoo Terminal, Peshawar Road in Rawalpindi Cantt and has a growing number of young fighters who are expected to make their debut at PAKMMA events in the coming years.




Gujar Khan


Gujar Khan is the home to one of the top teams on the PAKMMA scene, Pakido. Anyone facing the Pakido fighter knows he is always in for one of the toughest fights of his life and their skills are highly respected throughout the Pakistani MMA community.

Owner and coach Jalil Ahmed has a background in Karate and Budo Kai Do. He has fought and represented Pakistan in Budo Kai Do tournaments in Nepal. He also has a high understanding of the grappling game and was following Gracie Jiu Jitsu techniques long before PAKMMA arrived on the scene. Jalil Ahmed organized the first grappling tournaments in Pakistan and MMA events under professional rules with prize money.

For this reason the training with Team Pakido is very well rounded and their fighters have been well rounded equally skilled in the striking and grappling department. Some of the most well known Pakido fighters are Ahmed Ali, who fought the first India vs Pakistan MMA fight and Muhammad Imran, a dangerous finisher with a lot of experience.

For more information on Pakido check out the links –




Wah Cantt

Wah Martial Arts Club

Wah Martial Arts and Fitness is one of the new MMA club in Pakistan but they have been very active lately. They have held many training camps calling Bashir Ahmad from Synergy, Ovais Shah from 3GMMA and Ehtisham Kareem from Team Fight Fortress. It won’t be surprising if you see some of biggest MMA fighters from this club in few years. Their contact details are:




Team DX

Team DX is based out of Peshawer. Although Peshawer have a significant number of fighters representing the KPK region, there has yet to emerge a cohesive team from the region that is regularly represented in the PAKMMA circuit.

Team DX is the attempt to bring this team into creation. It is headed by fighter Idrees “DX”, who has previously represented Synergy MMA Academy and often takes camps in Lahore to train with Bashir Ahmad. Idrees will oversee the creation of a Peshawer based team in the near future. Expect some dangerous fighters representing the area in the future!


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